[コース25] 英語で読み取るWithコロナ時代     Trust, from a Social and Educational Psychology perspective

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タイトル:Trust, from a Social and Educational Psychology perspective

コース概要:This course will focus on recognising the importance of Trust in our everyday lives, but especially on how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected our trusting behaviour. It will start with looking at exactly what we mean by “Trust” and how it differs from similar concepts like “expectation”, “reliance” and “confidence”. We will also look at different factors of Trust, different types of trust and trusting behaviours. include looking at different societies’ levels and types of trust, different types of trust, different levels of trust, and who, how and why we trust.
The course will be a combination of short talks and workshops / group discussion where participants can try to apply the ideas to their different situations and purposes for joining the course.


曜日 : 月曜日 原則隔週
時間 : 19:00-21:00
講師:デクスター ダ シルバ(Dexter Da Silva, 恵泉女学園大学)
コーディネータ: 蓑田瑞恵(NPA事務局)

◆ 第1回 Trust Matters

開催日 : 2021年3月8日(月)

概要 : Introduction to Trust; definition of trust; types of trust; trusting Trust; and understanding Trust. Different levels - between / among countries; between citizens and governments; among citizens; between groups of citizens; among individuals, families. Sharing participants’ expectations of trust.
Reference: Solomon, R. C., & Flores, F. (2001). Building trust in business, politics, relationships and life. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

◆第2回 Multiple Factors of Trust and Trust in Education

開催日 : 2021年3月22日(月)

概要 : Different factors of trust - trust in 1) the other's competence eg the government's competence to handle the situation; 2) the other's understanding of one's position (eg the government "being in touch" with its citizens; 3) the other's good intentions; 4) the other's reliability (keep their promise); Trust in Education.
Reference – Paydon, S, & Da Silva, D. (2015). A dialogue on the importance of trust in collaborative learning. In T. Ashwell, M. Miyahara, S. Paydon, & A. Stewart (eds) Collaborative Learning In Learning Development. Tokyo: JALT Learner Development SIG.

◆第3回 The dynamics of Trust; an arc of Trust

開催日 : 2021年4月5日(月)

概要 : Different types of trust and trust as dynamic:
1) basic / simple trust
2) authentic trust
3) blind trust
4) distrust

◆第4回 Applying the dynamics of Trust; Trusting in daily life and with COVID

開催日 : 2021年4月19日(月)

概要 : Using the ideas in Session 1 - 3 – types of trust, the dynamics of trust and the arc of trust to understand our trusting behaviours. A Jigsaw Classroom-type workshop
on Trust in Governments, Trust in Leaders, Trust in Close Relationships and Trust in Society.

◆第5回 Building trust for better communities, better schools, better societies and a more peaceful future

開催日 : 2021年5月3日(月)

概要 : Workshop on principles, activities, practices and approaches to building trust. Understanding, sharing and applying what we have learnt in Sessions 1 – 4.

◆第6回 Becoming more Trustworthy, Rebuilding Trust, Forgiving

開催日 : 2021年5月17日(月)

概要 : Final session reviewing what we have learnt and working towards developing our trusting behaviour as a form of Social Intelligence, and for our overall Well-Being.