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[コース25] 英語で話そうー Why Do We Laugh?


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タイトル Sense of Humor: Why Do We Laugh?

コース概要:Humor and laughter are common features of entertainment and daily life, but most people do not think much about why some things are funny and others are not. To identify the principles of humor and laughter, the instructor provides background material and online resources, including many short videos. Students are invited to express their views and present their own examples of humor for discussion. Our goals are to learn, laugh, and talk together, as we try to understand how humor and laughter affect and enrich our lives.

曜日 : 月曜日 原則隔週
時間 : 19:00-21:00
開催方法 : オンライン 定員 20名
コーディネータ : 蓑田瑞恵(NPA事務局)

◆第1回   What Is Humor?

開催日 : 2021年 7月 5日(月)
講師 : Laurence DRYDEN ( 愛知淑徳大学 非常勤教授 )
概要 : We examine some major authorities on humor and laughter–including Aristotle, Darwin, Freud, and Bergson–in order to understand the main principles of humor and laughter. Online videos illustrate these principles, offering examples and ideas for discussion.

◆第2回 Top Selections of British Humour

開催日 : 7月 19日(月)
講師: Laurence DRYDEN, 非常勤教授, 愛知淑徳大学
概要: British humour ranges from high wit to low comedy. YouTube documentaries explain British humour, while many video clips provide examples. Main topics include classic British humor like Monty Python (1969-1974; 1989-2014); animated films like Paddington (2014) and (2017); romantic comedies like Bridget Jones’s Diary (2001); social satire like The Full Monty (1997); stand-up comedians like Ricky Gervais (1982-present); revivals like the BBC drama Sherlock (2010-present) and comic light opera by Gilbert and Sullivan (1871-1896) like The Mikado. We also explore the British love of wordplay, as found in English puns. Students receive a PDF with relevant text, images, and links to online websites and videos clips.

第3回 Top Selections of American Humor

開催日 : 8 月 2日(月) 
講師 : Laurence DRYDEN, 非常勤教授, 愛知淑徳大学
概要 : American humor reflects the rich diversity of American society. YouTube documentaries explain the differences between British and American humor, while many video clips provide examples. Main topics include comic film icons like Steve Martin (1992-present) and Jim Carrey (1994-present); standup comedians like Trevor Noah (2002-present); TV comedians like Jerry Seinfeld (1988-present) and Larry David (1984-present); TV animation like The Simpsons (1989-present); and cartoon series for daily newspapers, like Peanuts with Charlie Brown and Snoopy (1950-2000). Students receive a PDF with relevant text, images, and links to online websites and videos clips.

第4回 Tips for American Comedy Drama

開催日 :8月30日(月)
講師 : 講師:松村穣 (Joe)
プロフィール:俳優(タイムリーオフィス所属)の傍ら、通訳・翻訳者として活躍。WOWOWの各種スポーツ中継で同時通訳など行っている。また自身が代表であるForeingn Play Theaterでは 主に米国コメディ劇の脚本を自ら翻訳、主演して舞台公演を行ってきた。

概要:アメリカの典型的なコメディドラマ(The Big Bang Theory, ​ F​riendsなど)取り上げながら、その笑いのポイントがどこにあるのか、文化的背景の違いを超えて、伝わる面白さがあるとすれば、それは何か、など、英語表現の解説を交えながらかくお話してもらいます。またアメリカのコメディドラマをもっと楽しむためのヒントなどもお伝えします。

◆第5回 Humor & Peace 
開催日 : 9月 13日(月)
講師 : Louise Sorensen

概要 :Can humor help maintain or maybe even build peace? With examples from around the world, we will look at how humor and satire can be used in non-violent movements, and be a part of conflict resolution and healing after a conflict. We will also discuss how humor works together with culture and that understanding the cultural setting is necessary for humor to be effective as a tool of activism and peacebuilding. Finally, we will touch upon some of the challenges or limitations of humor as a peacebuilding tool.

開催日 : 2021年 9月 27日(月)
講師: Arun Shyam (アルン・シャム)

タイトル:English as Humour in Indian Movies
概要: In a country of 1.3 billion people who speak close to 800 languages, misinterpretation and misunderstanding can be a daily occurrence and hence a common humour trope. While Hindi is the most widely spoken language in India, (Indian) English is second most widely spoken second language in the country. In today's talk, we will look at a few movie clips to understand how English and sometimes the 'improper' usage of English in movies made in India is used as a motif to induce humour.