[コース25] 英語で話そうー Why Do We Laugh?

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タイトル Sense of Humor: Why Do We Laugh?

コース概要:Humor and laughter are common features of entertainment and daily life, but most people do not think much about why some things are funny and others are not. To identify the principles of humor and laughter, the instructor provides background material and online resources, including many short videos. Students are invited to express their views and present their own examples of humor for discussion. Our goals are to learn, laugh, and talk together, as we try to understand how humor and laughter affect and enrich our lives.

講師:Laurence DRYDEN
 Now a part-time professor of Aichi Shukutokugakuin University. He has over 20 years of experience in Japan, teaching university courses in the classroom and online on a wide range of subjects in English language, literature, and culture. He also taught many special courses for adults at the Nagoya YWCA and Kawai Juku, based on their interests and ability levels.

曜日 : 月曜日 原則隔週
時間 : 19:00-21:00
開催方法 : オンライン 定員 20名
講師:Laurence DRYDEN ( 愛知淑徳大学 非常勤教授 )
コーディネータ : 蓑田瑞恵(NPA事務局)

◆第1回   What Is Humor?

開催日 : 2021年 7月 5日(月)
講師 : Laurence DRYDEN ( 愛知淑徳大学 非常勤教授 )
概要 : We examine some major authorities on humor and laughter–including Aristotle, Darwin, Freud, and Bergson–in order to understand the main principles of humor and laughter. Online videos illustrate these principles, offering examples and ideas for discussion.

◆第2回  Many Kinds of Humor

開催日 : 2021年7月 19日(月)
講師 :Laurence DRYDEN ( 愛知淑徳大学 非常勤教授 )
概要 : We consider a wide range of humor: physical (slapstick, visual, mime); verbal (jokes, puns, witticisms); professional (stand-up and manzai); and special categories (jokes in questionable taste, gallows humor, etc.). Online videos provide examples which we can learn from and laugh about, as we discuss whether and why they are funny.

◆第3回  Humor Festival #1

開催日 : 2021年8 月 2日(月) 
講師 : Laurence DRYDEN ( 愛知淑徳大学 非常勤教授 )
概要 :Students bring examples of humour (from YouTube, still pictures, etc.) and screen-share with classmates.The instructor supports discussions and provides supplemental material. Let’s laugh and learn from examples of humor that we bring to class.

◆第4回  Humor and Health

開催日 :2021年8月30日(月)
講師 :Laurence DRYDEN ( 愛知淑徳大学 非常勤教授 )
概要 :Can we laugh ourselves out of life’s problems, including major illness? We consider such examples as the American writer Norman Cousins who faced life-threatening illness but found ways to “laugh himself” back to health. We watch and discuss examples of humor that may provide substantial health benefits.

◆第5回  Humor and Happiness

開催日 :2021年 9月 13日(月)
講師 :Laurence DRYDEN ( 愛知淑徳大学 非常勤教授 )
概要 : “Always look on the bright side of life.” We return to Aristotle, along with other authorities on the subject of happiness, as we consider how humor and laughter contribute to “the good life.”

◆第6回  Humor Festival #2

開催日 : 2021年 9月 27日(月)
講師:Laurence DRYDEN ( 愛知淑徳大学 非常勤教授 )
概要 : Students bring examples of humor (e.g., from YouTube, still pictures, etc.) and screen-share with classmates. The instructor supports the discussions and provides supplemental material. This is our final chance to learn together about humor and laughter in our lives. Let’s go out with a laugh—thoughtfully.