【特別企画!】台湾・香港から見たウクライナ戦争とポストコロナ時代 - 米ペロシ下院議長の台湾訪問をうけて [コース10/第3回]

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【特別企画!】台湾・香港から見たウクライナ戦争とポストコロナ時代 - 米ペロシ下院議長の台湾訪問をうけて
- Ukrainian War and Post-Covid Era as Seen from Taiwan and Hong Kong [コース10/第3回]



Date: August 7, 2022 (Sun) 19: 00-21: 00
Lecturer: Chen Hsin-Hsing (Research Institute for Social Development, Shinshu University, Taiwan)
Summary: Since the Ukrainian War, Asian countries have become more aware of the threat to China. What do we see in the Ukrainian War in Taiwan while the crisis in the Taiwan Strait is being emphasized? And what does the Hong Kong problem look like now? Mr. Chen, who is the central leader of the Taiwanese social movement, will analyze the situation of the Taiwanese social movement and the real situation such as the social cracks in the threat theory of China.
Shih Hsin University Institute for Social Development

[コース10] アジア市民社会ネットワーク(CENA)Part1 アジア各国からみたウクライナ戦争とポストコロナのアジア