【特別企画!】韓国から見たミャンマー軍事政権と民主化闘争 [コース9/第3回]


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【特別企画!】韓国から見たミャンマー軍事政権と民主化闘争 - - Spring Revolution’s March towards a New Myanmar and the Promising Future of Democracy in Asia [コース9/第3回]

講師:Park Eun Hong (韓国聖公会大教授)


The coup is an irrational act by the Tatmadaw to usher in a return to the nightmare totalitarian state while disregarding the political chaos and economic ruin that existed before Thein Sein's administration. The people of Myanmar are uniting in the face of the Tatmadaw’s recklessness beyond the differences of generation, sex, class, and ethnicity. In contrast, General Min Aung Hlaing, who serves as the chairman of the Myanmar military's highest decision-making body, the State Administration Council (SAC), with absolute authority, initially declared a state of emergency lasting one year before later extending the period until the end of 2023. The military's reappearance on the political front, as it was prior to the reform and opening up of 2011, reveals its commitment to protecting discipline-flourishing democracy.
If Myanmar’s Spring Revolution ends in failure like the 8888 revolution 34 years earlier, it will return to being "the land where time has stopped" as it was under General Ne Win. Sinicization, which promotes illiberal governance, will further quicken and prevent the rooting of liberal democracy in Asia. The future of Asian democracy depends on the success of the Spring Revolution and the construction of a new Myanmar. The Asian way put forth by the Spring Revolution goes beyond the basic illiberal “Asian values” paradigm to open new horizons with cross-national significance.